Newborn & Sibling studio portrait of baby Brady & big sister Olivia

Happy New Year!I took some time for the holidays – but I found a couple of days to photograph some Christmas babies. Both were so calm and peaceful, like they knew what a special time they were born. This post is the first baby I photographed in 2011. I hope this is  a sign of good things to come! Very calm, happy babies make Beth a happy girl!

This is my first post for 2011. Introducing baby Brady and big sister Olivia. Brady was 16 days old when I photographed him, and he was a perfect angel. In between set ups and feedings, I was able to play with big sis Olivia. Olivia came in so shy – but by the end of the day – she won over my heart, my twin daughters hearts and my dog! She had the run of the house and was in charge!

I had so much fun with you all – thanks for coming in! Your online site will be up shortly!

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