RI photographer captures maternity portrait with Alyson and Bob

So, Alyson and Bob are keeping me busy! I just finished designing their wedding album … and now … big next step!

More on wedding albums – btw – I think I will start posting the wedding album designs on the blog . I Blog the newborns- but the wedding albums are a big deal – and so much fun to capture the day in a book. Wouldn’t you guys out there in internet land love to see Alyson in a wedding dress? More to come on that soon..

I am so happy for the two of you and Alyson, you are truly glowing! I CAN NOT wait to see the beauty you two create. I am so looking forward to meeting your newest member of your family. Thanks for coming in and see  you soon. angelic maternity portraitnude maternitystudio maternity portraitoutdoor maternity portraitstudio maternity portraitangelic maternity portrait

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