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Meet Peggy – written by Fred Ludwig

“A new business for Peggy?  Why is this news?  Peggy has an interesting background and is a survivor that has conquered each challenge that she has met.  Her latest accomplishment has been to assist her sister, who is a professional photographer specializing in newborn baby photographs, by knitting miniature blankets for the babies to lie in.

That in itself does not seem like much, however, when you consider the fact that Peggy has had epilepsy since early childhood that has left her with a learning disability that she has been struggling with all of her 50 years, it is a big deal for her.

She now has the time to produce these baby blankets on a limited basis, so if you think you would like to try one please see the sample pictures below.”

Hello Blog friends! Thank you for coming to check out Peggy’s page! As stated by my Dad in the above passage – my sister Peggy has found a talent this past year. She loves to knit! So, I have hired her for the past 6 months to knit me baby blankets and scarves so I can use for my newborn photo sessions!

I just love the way the images come out. The babies are so comfy and warm and happy and it shows through in the photos. Peggy knits with love and I think a little of that shines in to the photos as well! ;O) I have benefited with this passion of Peggy’s- and now it is time to share the goods! She wants to sell some of her wares – so here we are –LuddyKnits!!!

Click on this link to see her store on etsy. we will be adding many more soon – I am a big fan of whites, beige’s and earth tones – so  I have Peggy currently knitting away with all these natural colors. These blankets and scarves are great for other professional photographers – but also young parents as well! They make great presents and are the perfect size for  strollers and bassinets.

Knitting has been a big help to Peggy to keep her mind focused on a task and to be productive , so this is a big deal for her. If you are interested and want to support Peggy, click on the link LuddyKnits. We are all very proud of Peggy and  wish her much success in her business!

I will post new images of the product with my babies – so you can see how I use them. If you are interested and want to support Peggy in her business – please buy one! Thanks again for your time and check back often – as we will have Peggy stories and Peggy photos for all of you to see! Below are some of the images I took using LuddyKnits!!

baby blankets photo props







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